Yogesh, Jeff, Pranav, & Dr. Reineke attend Gordon Research Conference: Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology

Next week from Aug. 7-12, group members Yogesh, Jeff, Pranav, and Dr. Reineke are attending the Gordon Research Conference (GRC): Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology.


Dr. Reineke will deliver a talk, “From Discovery to Design: Enabling Functional Drug and Nucleic Acid Transport Through Controlled Polymer Synthesis,” in the “Barriers and Carriers for Delivery Across Epithelial and Extracellular Barriers” session.

The students are also attending corresponding Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) program.

Yogesh will present his work, “N-acetyl-D-galactosamine glycoclusters formed by controlled polymerization show enhanced binding to asialoglycoprotein receptors.” Jeff will highlight aspects of “Strategic, High-throughput Excipient Synthesis and Screening for Poorly-soluble Pharmaceuticals in Oral Drug Delivery.” Finally, Pranav will show new advancements in “Fast, efficient and gentle transfection of human adherent cells in suspension.”

The 2016 Gordon Conference on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology builds on a rich tradition encompassing biological, physical and engineering principles through clinical application. Top academic investigators and leaders from pharma and biotech will gather to consider the latest advances, as well as critical hurdles requiring coordinated multidisciplinary solutions. The conference provides a dynamic, diverse and collegial environment with academic, industrial and clinical viewpoints.