Yogesh, Haley, and Dr. Reineke attend 13th Annual Gene Therapy Symposium

Yogesh, Haley, and Dr. Reineke attended the 13th Annual Gene Therapy Symposium, focusing on Genomic Editing, in Sonoma, CA.

Yogesh and Haley won travel awards to discuss their exciting work involving gene delivery vehicles in oral presentations and posters. Dr. Reineke was invited as a main speaker in the symposium.

From the website:

The intent of these annual interdisciplinary scientific symposia is to provide a novel and informal scientific setting for the dissemination and exchange of ideas and research findings by bringing together students, fellows, and junior/senior investigators who do not typically interact at other meetings. The opportunity for investigators in divergent, yet relevant, fields to interact has significantly declined because of the sheer size and objectives of most meetings. Therefore, our goal is for these annual fall symposia is to provide the opportunity for interactions that are not possible at larger meetings. We hope to encourage synergy, facilitate new research directions and collaborations, and enhance current approaches to gene transfer/gene therapy for the treatment of human disease. Presentations focus on unpublished works-in-progress, cutting edge technologies, and key thematic issues. Each year a focus topic is selected.