Two professors serve on new science publication editorial team

Two Department of Chemistry professors, Timothy Lodge and Theresa Reineke, will be on the editorial team for a new American Chemical Society publication, ACS Macro Letters. The first edition will be published in January 2012.

ACS Macro Letters, a rapid-publication journal available exclusively online, will report major advances in areas of soft-matter science in which polymers play a significant role, including nanotechnology, self-assembly, supramolecular chemistry, biomaterials, energy, and renewable/sustainable materials.

The publication will make it possible for authors to publish their high-impact, peer-reviewed, research findings in all facets of polymer science within four to six weeks of submission. The journal aims to accelerate the pace of research and fuel new findings in the field by providing the research community with brief, focused, hot-topic articles containing information that researchers need to advance their own important investigations. It is also hoped that ACS Macro Letters will attract authors and readers from related disciplines.

“Polymer science has never been more intellectually vibrant, nor more essential to technical progress,” said Lodge. “Whether is it in sustainable placates, biomedical materials, renewable energy, or abundant clean water, polymers have a key role to play. The time is ripe for a rapid-response journal that can deliver the most exciting fundamental advances in this broad arena.”
ACS Macro Letters will complement the society’s journal Macromolecules, the leading journal in the field. As editor-in-chief of Macromolecules, Lodge will oversee the launch of ACS Macro Letters. Deputy editor is Stuart Rowan, professor of engineering at Case Western Reserve University. Reineke will serve as associate editor.

Lodge is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, which are both part of the College of Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Lodge’s group studies polymer systems that self-assemble to form functional nanostructures. Reineke is a new professor in the Department of Chemistry. With expertise in polymer science and gene therapy and diagnostics, she is a world leader in the area of polymer/deoxyribonucleic acid nanostructures for medical applications.

For additional information about ACS Macro Letters, visit ACS’s website.