The Reineke Group specializes in the synthetic design, chemical characterization, and biological study of sophisticated macromolecules.

Synthetic materials play important roles in everyday life, from the diagnosis and treatment of diseases to the advancement of renewable materials and commercial products. Consequently, understanding the fundamental assembly of macromolecular systems on the molecular level and how chemical sequence, solution ordering, and bulk architecture govern physical properties and function remains vital to solving pressing problems in today’s biomedical and sustainability landscapes.

The Reineke Research Group seeks to discover novel monomers and polymers that: (i) promote assembly in solution and/or the bulk into new and unique architectures, (ii) impart enhanced material performance from sustainable feedstocks, and (iii) safely deliver macromolecular therapeutic payloads into cells.

Our research efforts are interdisciplinary in nature and encompass the areas of chemistry, materials science, engineering, nanoscience, and chemical biology.

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