Professor Theresa Reineke and Collaborators Issued U.S. Patents  

In 2023, Prof. Reineke and research collaborators were awarded two U.S. patents for their discoveries! In January, a patent on “Cationic Block Polymer Micelles for Delivery of DNA, RNA, and Proteins” was issued to Prof. Reineke, Prof. Tim Lodge, and Reineke Group alumni Dr. Zhe Tan, Dr. Yaming Jiang, and Dr. Mitra Ganewatta. In June, a patent on “Cinchona Alkaloid Copolymers as Transfection Agents for Enhanced Gene Delivery and Gene Editing” was granted to Prof. Reinke and Reineke Group alumnus Dr. Craig Van Bruggen.

The Department of Chemistry News post is available here. The UMN Technology Commercialization News post is available here. To view and read the entire patent, click on the linkable title in each of the two announcements.