Professor Reineke, Tushar, and Yaoying present at Polymers Gordon Research Conference

Professor Reineke recently presented an overview of the exciting work in the Reineke group for the Biomimetic Polymers panel at the Polymers Gordon Research Conference (GRC).

Tushar and Yaoying also highlighted their work at the conference’s poster session.

From the Polymers GRC website:

“The 2013 Polymers Gordon Research Conference (GRC) will assemble an international community of participants for the presentation of recent advances in macromolecular preparation, the physical characterization and advanced performance attributes of both synthetic and biological polymeric systems. Conference topics cover the arc from fundamental synthetic methods for novel polymer syntheses to the application of designer polymers in leading edge scientific and technological arenas. An emphasis of the conference will be on polymeric materials that play critical roles in areas that positively impact society; energy, health, sustainability, and advanced technologies. Moreover, the conference will provide mechanisms for professional networking through discussion sessions, daily poster sessions, and the participation of a broad cross section of industrial, national laboratory, and academic scientists and engineers. The program will ensure an integration of polymer design with recent advances in polymer characterization techniques with a focus on advancing both the fundamental and practical correlations of polymer structure with properties and performance. This conference will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), which will allow future scientific leaders to network and meet current leaders from academia, government, and industry. Outstanding lectures and posters from the GRS will be identified and highlighted at the GRC conference.”