Professor Reineke Honored with the DuPont Nutrition & Health Science Excellence Medal

Congratulations to Professor Reineke for receiving the DuPont Nutrition & Health Science Excellence Medal from the Danisco Foundation! Professor Reineke was selected for her work in understanding the fundamentals of amorphous solid dispersions of poorly soluble drugs and identifying the next generation of excipients for solubility enhancement. This news was also featured on the UMN Chemistry website (link).

From the news release (link): “The Danisco Foundation today has awarded two Science Excellence Awards for 2018. The medalists are leading scientists in their fields recognized by DuPont Nutrition & Health for scientific excellence and a remarkable record of achievement in advancing science and technology relevant to the future of food, nutrition and health. The original awards were founded in 2002 by the Danisco Foundation to help improve food products, notably industrially produced foods. The Danisco Foundation itself was established in 1981 and provides funding and grants to support predominantly food science and research.”