Professor Reineke accepts Editorial Advisory Board position for ACS Biomacromolecules

Professor Reineke has accepted a position on the Editorial Advisory Board for the ACS Journal Biomacromolecules.

From their website:

Biomacromolecules focuses on interdisciplinary investigations exploring the interactions of macromolecules with biological systems and their environments as well as biological approaches to the design of polymeric materials.

The journal covers sustainable chemistry, monomers and polymers based on natural and renewable resources, metabolism of polymers and polymer degradation products, polymer conjugates, in vivo and in vitro biocatalysis, biomacromolecular assembly, biomimetics, biomineralization, bioprocessing, and biorecycling.

Applications include, but are not limited to packaging and consumer products, coatings and adhesives, biomedical polymers, bioinspired polymers, bioresorbable polymers, polymeric drugs, biocompatible surfaces, multifunctional surfaces, tissue engineering, active surfaces, and polymers for electronics, photonics, and engineering applications.

Biomacromolecules achieved an impressive 5.479 Impact Factor and received 21,280 total cites.

*Based on the 2011 Journal Citation Reports® by Thomson Reuters