Polymer Day: Exploring Careers in Materials Science and Engineering

Reineke group members Susith, Yaming, Seyoung, Leon, Haley, Anatolii, and Jeff participated in the annual Polymer Day – You Make It, You Break It! outreach event for high school juniors and seniors in the Exploring Careers in Science & Engineering. Interactive demonstrations led by student volunteers showcased the synthesis and characterization of various polymers used in everyday life, while emphasizing themes of plastic sustainability, advanced chemistry, and precise control of mechanical properties for different applications.

More photos are posted on our Facebook page.

From the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) website:

The MRSEC partners with the CSE Office of Diversity and Outreach, to provide a week-long program on Exploring Careers in Materials Science and Engineering. The program is part of the month-long summer camp, Exploring Careers in Engineering and Physical Sciences. The weeklong program is an extension of “Polymer Day: You Make it, You Break it.”