Oral drug delivery Minnesota-Dow collaboration highlighted in Tablets & Capsules Magazine

Recent work led by several Reineke Group members on synthesizing new polymers to discover new pharmaceutical excipients (“High-Throughput Excipient Discovery Enables Oral Delivery of Poorly Soluble Pharmaceuticals“) was highlighted as a Research news entry in the January 2017 issue of Tablets & Capsules.

Looking forward, the magazine also recently emphasized the continued dominance and importance of oral solid dosage pharmaceutical formulation in 2017-2027 market analysis, trends, and forecast reports: [http://scitechnation.com/oral-solid-dosage-pharmaceutical-formulation-market-analysis-trends-forecast-2017-2027/]

From the Tablets & Capsules website:
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Our technical articles focus on the materials, processes, and equipment used to make solid dosage forms. The articles examine what’s new, offer troubleshooting advice, discuss equipment selection, provide formulation guidance, and show how companies have resolved their process problems.

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