Minnesota ACS Graduate Student Symposium featured in newest edition of ACS Central Science

The University of Minnesota Fall 2015 Graduate Student Symposium event is featured as the opening editorial “It’s about the Students” in the newest edition of ACS Central Science by Editor-in-Chief Prof. Carolyn R. Bertozzi.

Reineke group members Leon, Jeff, and Victoria were a part of the organizing team of graduate students. This event was held at the 250th ACS National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts.


From the article:

How did the students manage to collect this constellation of powerhouse scientists into one room on the same day? The same reason all student-driven events blow away the field: nothing is more motivating, even to the busiest and most callous scientist, than talented and driven students asking for their next source of inspiration. This is the reason many of us chose career paths focused on education and mentorship in the first place. These students impressed me even more than the A-list speakers they invited. Our future is bright indeed with this generation of chemists soon taking the helm.

Select photos from the successful event can be found here.