Jeff awarded a Sigma Xi Revitalizing Science Scholarship and receives a Rising Star Award

Congrats to Jeff for winning a Sigma Xi Revitalizing Science Scholarship! The Revitalizing Science Scholarship is a cash award towards membership, presented at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting. The purpose of this new scholarship is to encourage and support the ongoing development of future scientists. The Revitalizing Science Scholarship program was available to students, sponsored by their faculty, with the goal of presenting an “Upcoming Stars” award to 3 promising researchers-in-training at the University of Minnesota.


More about Sigma Xi:

Sigma Xi is an honorary society and membership is an indicator of accomplishment for anyone. Our new scholarship program provides not only membership but also a financial scholarship award that, in effect, pays their first year’s membership. This recognition provides students with a direct form of encouragement and support as they continue their studies. In addition, membership provides access to the resources and opportunities that Sigma Xi offers, including funding for research, networking opportunities, and an American Scientist subscription.