Punarbasu Roy

Doctoral Student

[email protected]


M.Sc in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, 2019

B.Sc in Chemistry, Minor in Biology, Indian Institute of Science, 2018

Research Area

Development of novel polymers for gene delivery.


(1) Ghosh, S.; Roy, P.; Prasad, S.; Mugesh, G. Crystal-facet-dependent denitrosylation: modulation of NO release from S-nitrosothiols by Cu2O polymorphs. Chem. Sci. 2019, 10 (20), 5308-5318.

(2) Khulbe, K.; Roy, P.; Radhakrishnan, A.; Mugesh, G. An Unusual Two-step Hydrolysis of Nerve Agents by a Nanozyme. ChemCatChem 2018, 10 (21), 4826-4831.

(3) Ghosh, S.; Roy, P.; Karmodak, N.; Jemmis, E. D.; Mugesh, G. Nanoisozymes: Crystal-Facet-Dependent Enzyme-Mimetic Activity of V2O5 Nanomaterials. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57 (17), 4510-4515.

About Me:

Where are you from?

West Bengal, India

If you could meet one scientist from the past or present, who would it be and why?

Aristotle. He is considered to be the first person to develop a formalized system of reasoning and logic which are fundamental tools for science. Meeting with one of the greatest and earliest scholars of human history will be an enlightening experience.

If you could be any animal in the wild, what would you be and why?

Turtle. In various folklore, they are associated with wisdom, perseverance, and resilience - qualities that a grad student should have. Also, slow and steady wins the race.