Grad student team (ft. Victoria, Jeff, and Leon) organizes symposium for ACS National Meeting

Reineke group members Victoria, Jeff, and Leon have been part of a team that won a nation-wide search to be the ACS GSSPC, tasked with organizing a symposium for the Fall 2015 ACS National Meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 18. They have raised $34,000 from various companies, university organizations, and ACS Division Chapters to support the symposium, Academic Innovations for Tomorrow’s Industries. Additionally, the team has established a scholarship to support student travel and organized a networking breakout lunch.

Check out the full story at the Department of Chemistry website. Click here to download a flyer or here to check out their website!

Symposium speakers include Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs from the California Institute of Technology who will present the keynote address, Cynthia Arnold from Valspar, Angela Belcher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carolyn Bertozzi from Stanford, Joseph DeSimone from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Paula Hammond from MIT, Daniel Nocera from Harvard, Buddy Ratner from the University of Washington, Jonathan Sweedler from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and C. Grant Willson from the University of Texas at Austin.