Energy & U—new location & Theatre Department collaborative

Members of the Reineke group are participating in the upcoming semiannual Energy and U show on May 18-23. Read about the new, exciting additions to the show below. Photos from the event can be found on our Facebook photo page.

From the Department of Chemistry website:

“Since its conception nine years ago, the University of Minnesota’s Energy and U has continued to grow in popularity, now attracting more than 10,000 students to its shows annually. It has also continued to evolve while remaining centered on its messages about energy, and its primary purpose of getting elementary students excited about science and engineering.

A new collaborative partnership with the University’s Department of Theatre Arts & Dance is opening the door to additional possibilities for the show, including a higher level of professionalism and space for more students to attend. This May, Energy and U is moving to the Whiting Proscenium Theatre at the Rarig Center, which can accommodate 400 students per show, about 100 more than what were able to see the show in the Smith Hall auditorium. Energy and U has three shows per day for five days in January and May. In addition, theatre students, faculty, and staff members will help the Energy and U professors polish their presentations, and will provide professional-level sound, lighting, and music support. There will also be multiple large display screens to enhance visibility of the graphics used in the presentation.”