Emily Prebihalo Attends Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

On June 6–8, 2022, Emily attended the American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry Institute’s Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference held in Reston, VA. The conference theme was “Thinking in Systems: Designing for Sustainable Use.” The event is the premier conference for scientists, students and leaders seeking innovative and more sustainable ways to do chemistry and chemical engineering.

Emily describes her experience as follows: “Being at the GC&E Conference was a wonderful experience. I got the chance to learn about green chemistry in many different industries, talk about systems thinking and how it can impact our own research, and meet people who are all just as passionate about sustainability as I am. I appreciated the opportunity to present my research and hear feedback from outside sources. A key takeaway from many of the presentations is that green chemistry should be how all chemistry is performed — not as an addition or specialty but a reality of the field.”