Dr. Reineke’s recent Viewpoint featured as ACS Select Virtual Issue

Dr. Reineke’s most recent ACS Macro Letters Viewpoint article has been featured as a ACS Macro Letters ACS Select Virtual Issue of stimuli-responsive polymers for biological detection and delivery. From ACS, these virtual issues “are designed not only for experienced investigators but also as a tool to teach students about the diverse areas of the chemical sciences.” Click here to see past collections.

From the website:
Polymeric materials with custom-designed responsive elements have the ability to significantly enhance the delivery of therapeutics and diagnostic imaging agents as well as improve tissue engineering and biomarker detection strategies. Herein, we feature a collection of research articles published in ACS Macro Letters that highlight an array of responsive properties endowing innovative polymers for biological detection and delivery. Collectively, the articles assembled herein highlight a sampling of the innovative research in this field that is making a major impact on advancing detection and treatment strategies that are enabling a myriad of biomedical applications.