Dr. Reineke presents at Pacifichem 2015, featured in ACS Axial Macromolecular Chemistry collection

Dr. Reineke is presenting at the Pacifichem 2015 conference from Dec. 15-20. These talks will highlight recent work in nucleic acid delivery, sustainable polymers, and oral drug delivery: “Sugar-coated polyplexes: Designed glycopolymers for nucleic acid delivery,” “Sustainable and degradable polymers from glucose and castor oil,” and “Design of tunable multifunctional polymers for solubilizing highly lipophilic drugs.”

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Additionally, ACS Axial has put together a special themed collection of Macromolecular Chemistry, featuring select speakers at Pacifichem whose research publications “highlight impactful and most recent advances by polymer scientists with promise for future discoveries and developments.” Fundamental work studying sugar-containing polyplexes (led by former Reineke group members Yaoying Wu and Dustin Sprouse) is featured in the Biomacromolecules section. [Department of Chemistry]