Dr. Reineke presents at Pacific Polymer Conference

Dr. Reineke is presenting at the Pacific Polymer Conference from Dec. 9-13. The talk will feature work related to “High-throughput Polymer Screening for Biological Delivery: From Discovery to Design” in the Bio-Related Polymers session.


From the website:

“The First Pacific Polymer Conference, organized by the Pacific Polymer Federation in 1989, was designed to bring together polymer scientists from the Pacific region and from other parts of the world to discuss and exchange recent advances in polymer science, in polymer technology and the application of polymers. Successful conferences have been held every two years in different countries since that time. Currently, every 10 years the US scientists are responsible for organizing the conference in Hawaii since it can be held prior to Pacifichem. Thus, this conference will be the fourth organized by the US; prior conferences were held in 1989 (Oahu), in 1995 (Kauai), and in 2005 (Maui).”