Alumni Current Position Location
Dr. Craig Van Bruggen, Ph.D.
Dr. Ramya Kumar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Colorado School of Mines
Dr. Monica Ohnsorg, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Researcher University of Colorado – Boulder, Anseth Research Group
Dr. Anna M. Luke McCue, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor Macalester College
Dr. Hussnain Sajjad, Ph.D. Interplastic Corporation
Dr. Cristiam F. Santa Chalarca, Ph.D. R&D Specialist Glasst Innovation Company Part-time lecturer EAFIT University
Dr. Derek Saxon, Ph.D. Research Chemist PPG
Dr. Matthew Bockman, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Pace Analytical Life Sciences
Dr. Piril Ertem, Ph.D. Senior R&D Scientist SurModics
Dr. Nayereh Dadoo, Ph.D. Chemist UMaine Process Development Center
Dr. Swapnil Tale, Ph.D. Material Analyst PACCAR
Dr. Zhe Tan, Ph.D. Organic Chemist Modern Meadow
Ngoc Le, M.S. Patent Engineer Bayramoglu Law Offices LLC
Dr. Anatolii Purchel, Ph.D. Application Scientist Wyatt Technology
Dr. Rui Ding, Ph.D. Associate Scientist BASF
Dr. Leon Lillie, Ph.D. Sr. Research Chemist 3M
Dr. Pranav Agrawal, Ph.D. Thin Films Module Engineer Intel
Dr. Yaming Jiang, Ph.D. Senior Chemist Dow Chemical
Dr. Mitra Ganewatta, Ph.D. Senior Chemist Ingevity
Dr. Victoria Szlag, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Boston Scientific
Dr. William Boyle, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate University of Minnesota
Dr. Mammad Nasiri, Ph.D. Senior Chemist Henkel
Dr. Yogesh Dhande, Ph.D. Application Development Engineer Berkeley Lights
Dr. Seyoung Jung, Ph.D. Senior Process Engineer Intel
Dr. Jukuan Zheng, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate Stanford University
Dr. Haley Phillips, Ph.D. Quality Assurance Engineer Boston Scientific
Dr. Quanxuan Zhang, Ph.D. Entrepreneurial Scientist Avantor Performance Materials
Dr. Jeffrey Ting, Ph.D. NIST-CHiMaD Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Dr. James Gallagher, Ph.D. Chemist II Valspar
Dr. Susith Wickramaratne, Ph.D. Process Technology Development (PTD) Engineer Intel
Dr. Nilesh Ingle, Ph.D. Data Analyst Game Circus
Dr. Zach Tolstyka, Ph.D. Medical Student Wayne State University
Dr. Dustin Sprouse, Ph.D. Chemist Sherwin Williams
Dr. Bharat Wagh, Ph.D. Specialist US Army
Dr. Lakmini Widanapathirana, Ph.D. Senior Scientist-Formulation Development Fresenius Kabi USA
Dr. Yaoying Wu, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Duke University
Dr. Lian Xue, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dr. William C. Shearouse, Ph.D. Research Scientist Proctor & Gamble
Dr. Tushar S. Navale, Ph.D. Manager/Research Scientist Godrej Consumer Products Limited
Molly Dalsin, M.S. Arch I Perkins+Will
Dr. Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Oakwood University
Dr. Sneha Kelkar, Ph.D. Polymer Scientist Dentsply Sirona
Megan Sonnenburg, M.S. Scientist Polar Semiconductor
Dr. Mallory Cortez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nicholls State University
Dr. Antons Sizovs, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Giovanna Grandinetti, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Muskingum University
Dr. Karina Kizjakina, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Virginia Tech
Dr. Adam Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering University of Mississippi
Dr. Vijay Taori, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Patrick McLendon, Ph.D. Research Scientist UES, Inc.
Dr. Josh Bryson, Ph.D. Medical Science Liaison Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr. Katye Fichter, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Missouri State University
Dr. Lisa Prevette, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry University of St. Thomas
Dr. Chen-Chang Lee, Ph.D. Research Scientist Andros Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Chris Gulgas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash
Dr. Sathya Srinivasachari, Ph.D. Research Fellow India National Institute of Biological Sciences
Dr. Yemin Liu, Ph.D. Senior Scientist II AbbVie
Dr. Yumin Chen, Ph.D. Research Scientist Tate & Lye
Dr. Robie Lucas, Ph.D. Scientist The Procter and Gamble Company
Dr. Guodong Zhang, Ph.D. Researcher University of Houston M.D. Anderson Medical Center
Dr. Haibo Lee, Ph.D. Scientist Valspar Corporation
Hao Lu, M.S. Graduate Student in Statistics Department Virginia Tech
Mike Benjamin, M.S. Science Instructor Roger Bacon High School, Cincinnati, OH
Jane Abey, M.S. Research Associate Cincinnati Children’s Hospital