Reineke Group Photo, Summer 2023, Large file

Welcome to the Reineke Group

The Reineke Group conducts groundbreaking research in the fields of Nucleic Acid Delivery (gene therapy), Sustainable Polymers, and Engineering Molecular Interactions.

To further advance the potential of gene therapy to treat and cure specific genetic diseases, group members in the Nucleic Acid Delivery program design and develop ionizable materials to effectively encapsulate and transport nucleic acids into tissues. A primary goal of the Sustainable Polymers research program is to help reduce the global plastics problem by utilizing natural rather than petroleum-derived feedstocks and products to design and develop plastic materials that can be reprocessed, chemically recycled, or biodegraded. To enable the rational design of tunable, modular, and effective materials for applications ranging from drug and protein delivery to photonics and metamaterials, group members in the Engineering Molecular Interactions program research the fundamentals of molecular interactions and their role in dictating the structure and function of materials composed of small molecules to polymers. Our research efforts are interdisciplinary in nature and encompass the areas of chemistry, materials science, engineering, nanoscience, and chemical biology.

Our lab provides an outstanding educational environment where student and postdoctoral researchers can thrive. Our mission is to make exciting and important scientific advances that facilitate world-class scientists to embark upon their future career goals. Members of the Reineke Group specialize in the synthetic chemical design, molecular characterization, mechanical properties, and biological study of novel polymers and macromolecules.